Shaun OS is a new operating system written by Shaun from scratch. The project was launched in May, 2012 and i have been working on it from then on. Shaun OS is a small, lightweight, and fast operating system designed for x86 arcs for now. The kernel now can be both run in real hardware and emulators, such as vmware(10.0 above), bochs, qemu, virtualbox, etc. The kernel also contains too many features implemented in mainstream kernels, such as VFS, elf shared library, VDS(virtual device system), irq sharing, buddy algorithm for physical memory management, AHCI controller, a functional BSD compatible TCP/IP stack, Grub mulitiboot, ext2 file system, vesa, intel e1000 ether card and so on. The screenshots of Shaun OS running on emulators goes here.


Download tar file here
Download zip file here

How Tos


  1. Kernel Design
  2. About CPU
  3. About Memory
  4. About Process and thread
  5. About file system
  6. About binary file
  7. To be continued.


Please submit any bugs you encounter or suggestions for improvements to this page or the release page.


Copyright @ Shaun Yuan

Open Sourced Under Apache 2


Feel free to download it, and try out.
Some applications distributed with Shaun OS are copyrighted to their respective owners, see LICENSE file in tarball.