AIConfer is An Art And Creative Community Powered By AI. I build aiconfer for speed up our team productivity. As times flies, more and more features and functionnality has beend added. and now it is open for users publicly.


Main Features:

  1. Text Generation/Chat

AI Confer supports mulit-turn chat with main stream llms. such as gpt3, gpt4, claude, mistral, gemini, and llama3, .etc.

  • 2. Image Generation

also you can generate image from llm, such as dalle-3, sdxl-1.0, .etc.

  • 3, Custom Chat Bot.

you can build you own chat bot with your own data, using RAG technology. Various data sources are supported, such as doc, text, pdf, videos, audios, git, feed, .etc.

And for privacy, you can chooese to encrypt your chat data, when enabled, your chat data is stored on server with a strong encrypted format.

You can try out here: