1, download shaunos-vbox configuration file
2, unzip the file you downloaded
3, cd shaunos directory
4, open shaunos.vbox using your favorite text editor
5, modify following two lines, specify your location path of vmdk and floppy.img, these two files are under the current directory and save it.

HardDisk uuid="{3464c236-39e3-43cc-a4a5-94f206895a72}" location="C:/Users/Shaun/Desktop/hd.vmdk" format="VMDK" type="Normal"
Image uuid="{cae57606-b513-4f56-86c3-154174e92301}" location="C:/Users/Shaun/Desktop/floppy.img"

6, open virtualbox manager application,in FILE->Preferences->Network->Host-Only Networks->VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter setting tab, set Adapter IPv4 address to, IPv4 Network Mask, disable DHCP service, click OK.
7, double click shaunos.vbox file, or open it with your virtualbox manager application.
8, enjoy.

ping from host os. this ip address is the default address of eth0

screenshot goes here

For graphic mode, try to mount floppy image. and add ‘gfx’ argument in kernel command line of boot/grub/menu.list file.
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