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  1. Understanding the Linux kernel

I bought this book from amazon.This book illustrates how and why kernel components are implemented, but there is a mistake in page 265,Chapter The Scheduling Algorithm,in section Scheduling real-time process,the original words are:Every real-time process is associated with a real-time priority, which is a value ranging from 1(highest priority) to 99(lowest priority). Obviously it has the opposite meaning.Unlike static priority, for real-time priority, 1 is the lowest priority, and 99 is highest. You can checkout Linux man page sched_setscheduler(2) or POSIX 1.2001 for more details. Anyway, it’s a good book, five stars.

2. Unix Network programming,volume 2, The Network API. Chinese version.

If you want to write Unix networking program,this book is a good stuff to refer to.Five stars.

3. TCP/IP illustrated. Volume 2,Implementation.

Great thank to this book i can implement the network stack in Shaun OS. There is also a mistake but i can not remember where it located. it’s about a mbuf figure that does not conform the layout of memory. Five stars.

4. Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C.

How to implement AVL tree, red-black tree and hash? Check out this book. five stars.

5. HP-UX reference,section 2 system calls.

Just like Linux man page, for the purpose of implementing system calls.

6. Unix System V release 4, programmer’s guide:ANSI C and programming support tools

This book illustrates how the elf dynamic program is loaded. Others i don’t care.

7. A Heavily Commented Linux Kernel Source Code

8. Routing TCP/IP, volume 1,second edition.

9. To be continued.

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