This is a UEFI gui demo app i wrote for my job project. I have implemented some basic UI components,edit box, combox, label, dialog, text edit, button, radio box, and window system.  It was written in c++. Now I know…

book list

Understanding the Linux kernel I bought this book from amazon.This book illustrates how and why kernel components are implemented, but there is a mistake in page 265,Chapter The Scheduling Algorithm,in section Scheduling real-time process,the original words are:Every real-time process is…

About binary file

Shaun OS support elf binary file loading, both static or dynamic linked. Loading static linked elf binary is quite easy,we do not cover it here.

About Filesystem

Shaun os uses ext2 file system by default. Based on ext2 spec, Shaun made a basic implementation of that, and it’s compatible with linux’s now.